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Okay. Help me out here.

I need some advice. Like whoa.

Let's say you love this one guy. However, this guy is very, VERY unavailable. There is this other guy, a sweet...fun...gorgeous guy that likes you. But you don't want to hurt this guy, because you already hurt this other guy trying to get over the one you love.

*eyes cross*

What do I do?
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The "sweet" guy? Well, his last girlfriend, he treated her like a sex object, and did't start to love her until she ran off with a scrawny telepath. hes a asshole. you deserve WAAAAY BETTER.
But he's so nice...at least thats what Rogue tells me...*head in hands* God. I'm so confused.
don't listen to someone else. find out for yourself. no need to jump into something.
I've been thinking about it now...and I think I know what I'm going to do. I'm not 100% sure, but...yeah. Thanks for the advice.
anytime <3
If you love that one guy, you should wait for him. You're a great girl, and I'm sure he'll realise that. I think you're a lot more interesting than his telepaths. <3
I've been waiting a while now...I guess maybe waiting a bit longer couldn't hurt. Thanks Pie <3 <3!!
Pietro is catty. mrow! hiss!

You know I am right.
I wouldn't suggest waiting around for the guy you love, but the "nice guy" is a real prick.
*sigh* Yes, well...not much I can do about it.
I will tell you erm...maybe I shouldn't try to answer this...
Oh God. Emma, you're a doll and everything, but its probably better if you don't.
....you know what i think.
not good to wait. but...this other guy is a prick.
*sigh* I know.
I know. But what else can I do? ...John has done nothing to me to let me see that he is the "prick" you all say he is...but I trust you, so I will be careful. But he deserves a chance, I think.
yes. Be Careful.
i wouldn't want to have to kill him
I will.
no killing.